What Are the Differences Between Class B and Class C Motorhomes?

If you are considering purchasing a motorhome in Salt Lake City, you will have many factors to consider. From the layout of your new vehicle to its special features and performance ratings, it is important to select a motorhome or RV that is perfectly suited for your needs. When you visit the RV dealership, you will have a range of Class B motorhomes and Class C motorhomes to choose from. Here is a quick overview of the differences of these two motorhome classifications.

Class B Motorhome
A Class B motorhome is based on the chassis and body style of a passenger van. When designing a Class B motorhome, a manufacturer will modify a traditional van body to accommodate special features, such as a bed, kitchen, and sink. Additionally, Class B motorhomes also offer living spaces, such as a dining area with a table.

Class C Motorhome Class C RV in Salt Lake City
A Class C motorhome is distinguished by its unique body style. Unlike a Class B motorhome, which looks like a traditional van, a Class C motorhome has a body that hangs over the driving cab. Since Class C Motorhomes are built on truck chassis, they offer additional living quarters and storage spaces.

Making the Choice
A Class C Motorhome is a great choice for a family, or any driver who is seeking additional space. These spacious motorhomes offer exceptional comfort, even on long trips. For improved efficiency and ease of driving, you may want to select a Class B Motorhome. The sales team at your RV dealership can help you choose the perfect motorhome for your driving requirements.

To learn more about all of the RV styles that are available to you, be sure to pay a visit to Motor Sportsland. When you are shopping for a motorhome or camper near Salt Lake City, our dealership is sure to offer you a terrific inventory. Call us at (888) 709-5368 to set up a test drive of one of our RV models today.

A Glance at Pop Up Trailers

Pop Up Camper in Salt Lake City

If you are seeking a lightweight and versatile traveling option for your next trip, you may want to consider purchasing a travel trailer in Salt Lake City. Unlike a conventional motorhome or RV, a pop up trailer is hitched to the back of a truck or other type of vehicle. A pop up trailer will provide you with many of the amenities of a motorhome, while still offering the rustic experience of camping. These units usually contain sleeping areas, cookstoves, and even toilets. Since they are lightweight and affordable, pop up trailers are a great choice for any person who is new to the RV lifestyle.

For more information about pop up trailers and truck campers, be sure to contact Motor Sportsland of Salt Lake City by calling (888) 709-5368. We carry an RV to suit every lifestyle and budget, and we will ensure that you find the vehicle of your dreams when you visit our dealership.

How to Winterize Your RV [INFOGRAPHIC]

Winter is still here, which means it’s time to put your RV away until warmer weather returns. As you are getting your RV ready for a period of inactivity, there are a few steps you should take to make sure it’s clean and fully operational for the springtime. Winterize your RV in Salt Lake City by removing all food items, including any canned or bottled goods. The contents could freeze and explode, making a mess and attracting critters into your travel trailer. You should also drain all water from your holding tanks and use RV-specific anti-freeze to prevent the cold from taking its toll. Explore this infographic to learn more about how to winterize your RV. Please share with your friends and fellow RV enthusiasts!

How to Winterize Your RV Infographic in Salt Lake City - Motor Sportsland

Safety Tips for Driving a Winnebago on the Interstate

When you purchase an RV in Salt Lake City, you will have boundless opportunities for adventure on the open road. Whether you select a new Winnebago or motorhome for your adventures, it is important to stay safe at all times as you drive. After you purchase your motorhome, you may want to educate yourself on the basics of driving safety in a larger vehicle. Read on for some essential safety tips for driving a Winnebago on the interstate.

Stay in the Right Lane RV Dealership in Salt Lake City
In order to remain safe as you are driving your Winnebago on the interstate, it is a good idea to stay in the far right lane whenever possible. Since you will be traveling at a slower speed than many other cars on the interstate, the right lane will allow you travel at a steady rate. In the event of an emergency, the right lane will also allow you to easily pull off the road.

Look Ahead
When you are driving a Winnebago, you will not be able to break or respond as quickly as you might when you are driving a sedan or other smaller vehicle. For this reason, it is highly important to look ahead to what is happening further down the road. By remaining attentive, you will be able to respond to any obstacles or situations in plenty of time.

Check Your Mirrors
To ensure your safety and the safety of others, it is a good idea to check your mirrors often when you are driving on the interstate. When you are driving a Winnebago, a smaller car can easily enter your blind spot. By checking your mirrors, you will have a better idea of your surroundings.

If you are shopping for a RV for sale in Salt Lake City, be sure to pay a visit to Motor Sportsland. Our RV dealership carries a terrific inventory of brand new Winnebagos, RVs, and motorhomes that you will love to drive. For more information about the vehicles that we have in stock, call us at (888) 709-5368.

Essential RV Tire Maintenance

After you purchase an RV or travel trailer in Salt Lake City, it is important to take all of the steps needed to maintain your vehicle. One of the most important steps of RV maintenance is keeping your tires properly inflated. If your tires are underinflated, you could be at risk of experiencing a flat. For more information about the essentials of RV tire maintenance, check out this informative video from RVtravel.

At Motor Sportsland, we carry a full selection of RV parts that will help you keep your vehicle in perfect driving shape. When you are shopping for a quality RV for sale, be sure to check out the inventory at our Salt Lake City Dealership. Give us a call at (888) 709-5368 to hear more about the great shopping experience that we have to offer you.

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