Towing Tips for Your Motorhome

When you purchase a motorhome in Salt Lake City, you may want to tow a car behind your new vehicle. There are several tips to keep in mind when you are towing with your motorhome. First, you should check to see that your motorhome is rated for the vehicle that you plan to tow. In addition, you may want to set up an auxiliary braking system. For more motorhome towing tips, be sure to watch this video from RVTravel.

At Motor Sportsland of Salt Lake City, we carry a fantastic selection of fifth wheel trailers, truck campers, and motorhomes for sale. If you are shopping for a recreational vehicle, be sure to pay a visit to our showroom. To hear more about the great RV shopping experience that we have to offer you, call us at (888) 709-5368.

What Are Truck Campers?

Truck Camper Salt Lake CityWhen you are shopping for a new RV or motorhome, you may want to also consider a truck camper. Truck campers are incredibly versatile, and will provide terrific comfort for all of your journeys. A truck camper attaches to the bed of a pickup truck. When you purchase a truck camper, you will be able to equip your home away from home with features such as a sink, toilet, and shower. Typically, a truck camper will comfortably sleep up to four people. While truck campers are smaller in size than RVs and fifth wheel trailers, their compact features and convenience make them a great choice for many RV travelers. A company with RVs for sale in Salt Lake City will be able to provide you with more information about the advantages of truck campers. When you purchase a new truck camper, you will be ready for all of your adventures on the road.

Where Should You Take Your RV This Winter?

While the summer months are a popular time for RV travel, the winter is also a terrific time to take a trip in your new motorhome. From behind the wheel of your new camper or pop up trailer, you will be able to explore all of the beautiful scenery that the winter months have to offer. Along with offering you the chance to explore America during the wintertime, winter RV travel is often less crowded during the off season. A company selling RVs in Salt Lake City can help you choose the perfect model for your seasonal adventures. Here is a tour of some places that you may want to take your RV this winter.

RV Parks Winter RV Salt Lake City
RV parks are an ideal destination for travelers during the winter months . When you stay at an RV park during your winter expedition, you will be treated to all of the amenities you need to remain comfortable and connected during your visit. For example, an RV park will provide you with full hookups for electricity, fresh water, and more.

State Parks
State parks also make terrific destinations during the winter months. As you are planning your winter getaway in your RV, you may want to consider staying at a state park that has winter campgrounds or ski areas. Oftentimes, trailhead parking lots are available for RV use. When you are choosing a state park for your stay, it is important to research whether they have hookups available.

Rustic Locations
If you are seeking a more adventurous destination for your winter RV vacation, you may want to choose a more rustic location. When you stay at an area that is not usually frequented by other RVers in the wintertime, you will be treated to epic scenery and peace and quiet. Before you set out on your winter trip, make sure that your RV is prepared for winter travel.

Driving Safety Tips for Your RV

When you drive an RV or motorhome, it is important to keep driving safety tips in mind. As you drive your camper along the highway, it is a good idea to pay attention to signs and lanes. For example, you can determine the side of an exit by looking at where the exit number is located on the exit sign. This will allow you to exit the highway safely when you are driving an RV. If you are shopping for a quality RV for sale, be sure to visit a company specializing in fifth wheel trailers serving Salt Lake City. By shopping at a reputable dealership, you will be able to get the perfect vehicle for your driving needs. To learn about some handy driving safety tips for your RV, watch this video from RVtravel.

Tips for Planning a Family Trip in Your New Motorhome

family tripIf you are seeking a great way to bond with your family, you may want to consider purchasing a new motorhome or RV. When you travel with your family in an RV, you will create a lifetime of lasting memories. Whether your family will be travelling in a camper or a motorhome, it is highly important to make sure that you are fully prepared for your family getaway. A company selling motorhomes in Salt Lake City can help you select the perfect vehicle for your family vacations on the road. Read on for some helpful tips for planning a family trip in your new motorhome.

Choose Your Route

When you are planning a family trip in a motorhome, it is important to choose a route that offers plenty of beautiful scenery and activities along the way. If you are travelling with younger children, you may want to divide up your trip into smaller driving stretches. By traveling through fun and scenic areas, you will ensure that everyone has a great time while you drive.

Plan Activities

As you are preparing for a family trip in an RV, it is important to plan plenty of activities for the kids to look forward to. For example, you may want to bring along games that can be played indoors, such as board games and cards. In addition, it is a great idea to pack outdoor recreation equipment, such as bikes, ball games, and more.

Consider Comfort

Comfort is another factor to consider when you are planning a family vacation in your RV. When you purchase a brand new RV, you can make sure that your vehicle offers plenty of space for every member of your family to sleep, relax, and enjoy time together. By purchasing an RV that is the right size for your family, you will be able to get the most out of every family vacation.

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