Essential RV Tire Maintenance

After you purchase an RV or travel trailer in Salt Lake City, it is important to take all of the steps needed to maintain your vehicle. One of the most important steps of RV maintenance is keeping your tires properly inflated. If your tires are underinflated, you could be at risk of experiencing a flat. For more information about the essentials of RV tire maintenance, check out this informative video from RVtravel.

At Motor Sportsland, we carry a full selection of RV parts that will help you keep your vehicle in perfect driving shape. When you are shopping for a quality RV for sale, be sure to check out the inventory at our Salt Lake City Dealership. Give us a call at (888) 709-5368 to hear more about the great shopping experience that we have to offer you.

What Are the Different RV Classifications?

When you are shopping for an RV in Salt Lake City, you will have many models and styles to choose from. In addition, you will have your choice of either a Class A, Class B, or Class C RV. Brands such as Forest River RV offer different classifications of RVs to suit the needs of every type of traveler. To assist you with your purchase of an RV or motorhome, here is an explanation of the different RV classifications.

Class A RV for Sale Salt Lake city
Class A RVs are the largest RVs on the market. When you purchase a Class A RV , you can expect your vehicle to come equipped with fantastic amenities, such as a master suite, full bathroom, and spacious kitchen. These RVs are similar and size and appearance to transit buses. If you are seeking the ultimate in luxury for your new RV, a Class A vehicle may be the perfect choice for you.

Class B
Class B RVs are smaller in size than either Class A or Class C vehicles. These RVs are based upon the platform of cargo vans. When you purchase a Class B RV, your vehicle will fit inside of a standard garage. Class B vehicles also typically offer great gas mileage.

Class C
If you are shopping for a spacious RV that is also easy to maneuver, you may want to consider purchasing a Class C vehicle. Class C RVs are smaller than Class A vehicles, but offer many of the same amenities. For example, your Class C RV may include a separate bedroom or entertainment center.

To learn more about all of the RV options that are available to you, contact Motor Sportsland by calling (888) 709-5368. Our RV dealership serves the Salt Lake City area with a terrific inventory of brand new RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers. Our team looks forward to helping you purchase the RV of your dreams.

Spotlight on Fifth Wheel Trailers

When you are shopping for a travel trailer in Salt Lake City, you may want to consider purchasing a fifth wheel trailer. Fifth wheel trailers offer ample living space and a range of premium amenities. Your fifth wheel trailer will feature a spacious master suite that is located over the truck bed. In order to transport this type of trailer, you will need a pickup truck. When you purchase a fifth wheel trailer, you will be able to travel comfortably with up to five guests. For those considering full time RV living, a fifth wheel trailer is an excellent investment.

To tour the features that a fifth wheel trailer has to offer you, come to Motor Sportsland of Salt Lake City to explore our inventory. Along with our inventory of motorhomes and trailers, we also offer the RV parts you need to keep your vehicle in terrific driving condition. Give us a call at (888) 709-5368 to learn more about our current inventory of trailers.

fifth wheel trailer for sale in salt lake city

Maintaining Your RV During the Winter Months

The winter season is in full swing, and now is the perfect time to schedule maintenance for your RV in Salt Lake City. During the winter months, increased moisture and harsh weather conditions can take their toll on your motorhome. Owners of truck campers or toy haulers should also take steps to winterize their vehicles. Here is a look at some RV maintenance procedures for the winter months.

Prepare Your Plumbing
In order to prepare your RV for winter weather conditions , it is important to maintain your plumbing. When outdoor temperatures drop to freezing or below, your RV's plumbing could be at risk of freezing. To prevent frozen pipes this winter, you can drain all of the lines in your RV's plumbing system. In addition, you can place antifreeze in the major plumbing components of your RV.

Control Moisture Winterizing RV in Salt Lake City
Along with preparing your plumbing, it is important to control moisture inside of your RV's living spaces. During the winter, wet or snow weather conditions can create excessive moisture in your RV. To control moisture, you can place a moisture absorbing product on the interior of your motorhome. By keeping moisture at bay, you can prevent mold and mildew from forming during the wet winter months.

Care for Your Suspension System
If you will not be taking your motorhome on any winter adventures, it is necessary to take the proper steps to care for your suspension system when your vehicle is in storage. During the winter, you may want to remove your RV's tires and place your vehicle on blocks. This will keep your tires and suspension system from rusting or wearing down.

When you are shopping for a new motorhome this winter, be sure to stop by Motor Sportsland of Salt Lake City. As a premier RV dealership in Utah, we are thrilled to carry an extensive inventory of RV's, motorhomes, and travel trailers. Call us at (888) 709-5368 to hear more about our current lineup of vehicles.

Towing Tips for Your Motorhome

When you purchase a motorhome in Salt Lake City, you may want to tow a car behind your new vehicle. There are several tips to keep in mind when you are towing with your motorhome. First, you should check to see that your motorhome is rated for the vehicle that you plan to tow. In addition, you may want to set up an auxiliary braking system. For more motorhome towing tips, be sure to watch this video from RVTravel.

At Motor Sportsland of Salt Lake City, we carry a fantastic selection of fifth wheel trailers, truck campers, and motorhomes for sale. If you are shopping for a recreational vehicle, be sure to pay a visit to our showroom. To hear more about the great RV shopping experience that we have to offer you, call us at (888) 709-5368.

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